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Prepare to be wowed!! After decades of development, our flagship trading course is ready for the public.

Unlock the power of our unparalleled momentum-based stock trading strategies, crafted over tens of thousands of hours in the trenches. Our innovative approach propels us light-years ahead of the competition using our previously unknown “TSS” cycles.

These cycle-based LEADING indicators are designed to pinpoint turn zones like no other. With our unique approach to stock trading, you'll have an inside track to the market's top stocks on a regular basis!

Beginning Or Advanced Traders Can Benefit From Our Unique Cycle-Based Form of Trading

"The Insights About Stock Behavior That You Provide Through Your Extensive Research On Stock Patterns Are Nothing Short Of Amazing."

I have been trading for for 13+ years and consider myself well-versed in trading. The Banzai Elite Wavetrader course has taught me many new techniques that have made me lots of money. The insights about stock behavior that Paul Lemal provides through his extensive research on stock patterns are nothing short of amazing. Outstanding stuff!

Barton Frets-Rocklin, California

12 Fast-Paced Modules Will Have You Up And

Surfing The Biggest Rogue Waves In The Market FAST!

The Banzai Elite Wavetrader Program is presented in 12 concise - yet thorough - modules with at

least 6 tutorial videos in each module, so you can "see" exactly how we trade the Big Kahuna Way.


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The New Banzai Elite Wavetrader Online Course comes complete with four PDF manuals containing 900+ pages of instruction, from our previous hard copy course which includes a 150-page charting manual.

This is the most thorough compendium ever assembled, yet it is presented in a way you'll find east to understand and utilize within the first few hours of study.

You’ll be blown away by the simple yet powerful concepts for surfing the stock market’s mega-waves… it will be like looking over our shoulders as you discover powerful strategies we use every day to find the stock market’s top trade candidates.

Trade selection and trade allocation strategies as well as stock cycles, trade entry and exit analysis is only the beginning of the comprehensive material you’ll have available to help you along in your journey to create financial freedom for yourself.

The Banzai Elite Wavetrader Course is a 12-week program designed to get you up to a professional traders level in just a few short months. It is chock-ful of powerful trading strategies that you'll find nowhere else. NOBODY else is offering this level of high caliber training for momentum stocks exclusively (a breed unto itself!).

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...I'm an old trader and have learned over the years to be one of the privileged who makes money, and I can unequivocally state that Paul Lemal knows how to teach the best thing in all of trading stocks, for quick, positive returns.

Juan Gozon

Caracas, Venezuela

The Banzai Elite Wavetrader course is very thorough and comprehensive. You obviously did a huge amount of research in putting this course together-and that's just the written material. The videos enhance the total package. I think the course should be re-named "The Definitive Guide To Momentum Trading".

Alan Craig

Maple Shade, New Jersey

Q: What is so different about the Big Kahuna Trading system?

A: Well I would have to say it is the most unique stock trading system you’ll ever find since nobody else that I know of is teaching anything like it. The Banzai Elite Wavetrader system was developed based on a decade’s long reverse engineering of the biggest stock market winners of all time and is designed to 'Surf The Stock Market’s Monster Waves'. The clues this reverse-engineering showed was that massive stock breakouts leave 'tells' in its price action that allowed us to create stock scans based on three parameters: Momentum (BMI), Vector (Price In Time-Thrust) and Stock Cycles (Stock Timing based on the internal cycles inside of a “super-cycle”). These scans quickly find stocks primed for explosive breakouts inside of these super-cycles. My trading partner Daryl Thompson likes to say-these "tells" give us all we need to consistently find the next big trading prospect in the casino called “Wall Street”.

Q: How steep is the learning curve?

A: The basics of the Banzai Elite Wavetrader system can be learned in just a few short hours. The idiosyncrasies will take a while longer. The training is laid out in an orderly 12-week structure and will help to take your trading to a new level. Decades of research into trading momentum stocks has been poured into this training.

Q: Tell me about the trading club...

Our LIVE BKTC Trading club is where ALL of the magic happens. This is where we get down in the trenches and dig through the 6400+ stocks in the market with our proprietary stock scans and serve up on a silver platter all of the best setups in the market. These TSS Cycles have more recently been adapted for stock index trading and futures trading and there are channels in the club for this also. Again, this program was decades in the making and was developed after an exhaustive study and reverse engineering of the biggest stock market winners of all time. These are unique stock trading strategies and nothing you have ever studied before. So like anything new and unique there will be a slight learning curve. But don’t get me wrong-this is not an ultra-complicated system…in fact I created it with the premise that just three key factors are all that was needed to find stocks primed for explosive breakouts.

Q: Is this style of trading risky?

A: Any type of trading is risky if you do STUPID stuff. With our Banzai Elite Wavetrader program you’ll learn how to create strong steady account growth by allocating trading capital WISELY and entering trades conservatively. Also, although we are not an options trading service some of our training touches on the powerful compounding effect of trading options …It is not uncommon for trades that produce 20% on the stock to produce 1,000%+ on the options. String together a few of these per quarter and I think you’ll see how our trading style can aggressively grow a trading account while mitigating risk.

Q: How much money do I need to start trading with?

A: It is recommended that you start trading with at least $5,000…although you could start with less; doing so will slow your trading account growth. Our training will help you grow a small trading account FAST. Momentum trading stocks are capable of producing 50-100%+ gains in a few short months (if not weeks) so I’m sure you’ll agree that focusing on the market’s Big Kahuna waves can be a very productive endeavor.

Q: How do I know your results are for real?

A: All of our trades are posted in full view in either our private or public club (a fewer number of trades are posted in the public club). In our FREE public Facebook trading club you’ll get a taste of the power of these trades and be able to see for yourself how well these trades perform before you invest in any of our training or services. Inside of our trading club each week you’ll see how a momentum stock cycle approach to trading can uncover hidden gems that the general public is not aware of until well into a price advance.

Q: Does anyone else trade this way or teach this? (If not, why not?)

A: Although there are other traders using momentum trading strategies the Banzai Elite Wavetrader system is all about “Big Picture” stock selection. Our momentum stock scoring methodology allows us to exploit stock super-cycles to target the best potential stocks in the market. Our TSS Cycle Trading System is a proprietary stock timing methodology developed after decades of reverse-engineering high performing stocks.

Q: Is this for beginners or advanced traders?

A: I think one of our subscribers describes it best “I think if you take a brand new trader and expose them to ONLY this approach from day one they can learn to trade without much of the trauma... I love the simplicity of the Elite Wavetrader charts because I have so much more experience trading complicated methodologies, you can cut the learning time in half... People will not have to learn complicated technical indicators which at best give lagging information.” (Linda Paolicci)

Q: Is there any downside to momentum stock trading-what are the risks with this style of trading?

A: As mentioned before ANY style of trading is risky if not done right. The BEW style of trading is designed to tame the risk of trading momentum stocks with proper trade allocation and option trading on certain stocks (drug and biotech stocks specifically) to take advantage of potentially big moves without the significant risk on bad news. Wise trading would be to consistently “hit” (baseball analogy here): singles, doubles and triples and then build a big account cushion with the occasional “home run” trade.

Q: Who is this trading system not for?

A: Someone who is extremely risk adverse and is interested in only hyper conservative account growth. With significant account growth there can also be elevated trading account swings if you don’t know what you are doing or if the markets decide to throw a “hissy-fit” over a looming geo-political or economic event. Momentum stock trading in general is responsible for some of the top winning traders ever…but momentum can be a double-edged sword. If you are not willing to take the risk of then it may be best if you put your money into bonds or a mutual fund. But keep in mind; many people who thought mutual funds were safe lost all of their money in the 2008 stock market collapse-so in hindsight even that was not a panacea.

Q: So, what is the advantage of this kind of trading club?

Unlike many trading clubs that focus on 'breakout trading,' where their modus operandi is to mine for stocks that are breaking out today or in a few days based on current news, our system is designed to create 'monster stock holding ponds' over weeks or even months. This approach relies on cycle and momentum-based 'price squeezes' that telegraph ‘something big is brewing.’ These subtle price squeezes enable us to enter trades quietly, just before a stock begins a new upward trend, reducing trade risk and allowing us to capture optimal price points for 'meat of the move' trades. The lower option prices in our entry zones, due to lower implied volatility, often lead to increased back-end gains. However, the advantage of this trading style can also be a challenge, particularly in a hot market with multiple cycle-based price squeezes occurring simultaneously. This complexity is why we decided to reopen the club after a decade of closure, aiming to train more traders to monitor these monster stock ponds, increasing our chances of identifying lucrative setups. By doing so, we anticipate benefiting significantly by missing fewer opportunities in the market.

Q: So, tell me some more about why you were motivated to start this trading club.

A: To be honest, as both Daryl and I progress gracefully, like a ‘fine wine’-of course, lol-I personally want my life’s work not to be buried in the back of a library bookshelf. I want to train traders to use the new perspective on markets, utilizing the cycles and momentum tools I developed. The goal is to perpetuate this innovative trading style and make it a 'thing' that stands the test of time. Additionally, we are both very concerned with the direction of the country, and we have personally seen and experienced how much the policies implemented in Washington can affect the mood and demeanor of the country and thus the growth and stability of the markets. Without a stable equities market, the opportunities afforded every American to participate in long-term wealth appreciation can fall by the wayside. You can find out more about what drives me (and also Daryl) at

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