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About Joining Our Trading Pond Overlord Program...

New Frontiers In Technical Analysis For Trading Stocks..

What Is TSS Cycle-Based Trading?

  • How over two decades of research led to the breakthrough discovery of TSS Cycles
  • How to avoid "dead money" by capturing "meat of the move" trades using the market's best stock timing indicator "TSS Cycles"
  • How long-term cycles combined with BMI and VR can isolate stocks primed for entering new super-cycles
  • The 3-dominant cycles to use for high scoring chart patterns
  • What are MM Pattern stocks and how to find them (this pattern can make you a millionaire HANS, TASR and NVDA came off of this pattern)
  • What are PBC Zones and how the best quality ones can be the one and only trading pattern you need to trade
  • How "Overhead Supply" analyzed through the lens of TSS Cycles can shine a light on the next potential big winners
  • How to use simple 6th grade math to create scans that tee up MONSTER GAINERS on a regular basis
  • How premier price squeeze opportunities in the right price range can regularly give you multi-10-X bagger option trades in just weeks
  • The Vector "Sweet Spot" stocks that can limit risk while keeping you in the best trades possible at all times
  • How the right stock scans built around these cycles can telegraph when to raise cash levels due to heightened market risk
  • How to use a stock's BMI to become a "silent partner" with the smart money crowd

CAT-3 Cycle Trader "Outside The Box" Trading Strategies For

Futures, Forex & Commodities-Truly A Game Changer!!

  • What are green zones and why you should pay attention to them
  • Why the right "I-Bars" can make you a lot of money
  • How the right combination of higher and lower time frames depending on your trading style can increase your winning percentage
  • To find CH-4 (old channel completion-where new channel begins) you first have to find CH-3...this training will show you how
  • Micro-scalping to decrease trade risk oftentimes to just a few ticks
  • Our key CCI settings which consistently puts us within a few bars of a price reversal even on smaller time frames
  • How years of testing indicators led us to the right settings that turned average indicators into "leading indicators"

  • The Ichomoku Cloud Settings guaranteed to give you an edge in finding multi-day swing trades
  • The simple yet powerful BHL "indicator"
  • How to use a trading concept called "gathering strength" to alert you to pending price reversals ahead of time
  • I spent 30,000 hours testing and tweaking trade strategies so you don't have to-no need to reinvent the wheel (unless you really like pain)
  • Learn what the "Cyclops" strategy is and how it simply and elegantly alerts you to impending trend shifts
  • How to use conventional indicators in unconventional ways to get outsized returns


Why are you offering this new TPO (Trading Pond Overlord) Program-don't you have employees to do this?

If you have ever been an employer, you know that there is a big difference between someone who is there for a paycheck and someone who is there because they really enjoy what they're doing. What better place to seek out traders who are passionate about excelling at the game of trading than to do so in the general trading community. The way I look at it, this project is a lot more sustainable in the long run if I train other traders to see what I'm seeing and they become a part of our trading journey. I am only a few short years from retirement (or at least dramatically cutting back on my trading hours) and I would like to mentor team members who may be able to step in and move things forward if I am not as involved in a few years. In exchange for team members considerable involvement, I'll help them get to the next level far faster than by going through a course alone.

How long will it take to become proficient at this type of trading?

That is entirely dependent on your study habits and ability to embrace new concepts. It is a very visual system designed to make it easy to predict price trend reversals, but like anything you study-it will take time in front of charts and even simulated trading to lock it into your trading psyche.

Can I make a lot of money with this?

Before you are going to make money at anything you do, you are going to have to put in the work. I can help you cut the learning curve down by 80-90%, but even at that, you're going to have to practice, practice, practice. Unlike many other trading services, our intent is to teach you how to fish so that you can be self-sufficient. Having even a basic understanding of TSS Cycles can be a game changer in getting you to the next level in your trading journey.

Is there a refund offered if it doesn't work for me?

Our regular trading courses offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Our Trading Pond Overlord trading program does not. There is an interview process to make sure it is a fit for both parties involved before you dive in. There is a considerable time commitment for us if you become involved in this program so we want to make sure that yours and our expectations align.


Scott Rosenberg

St. Paul, Minnesota

“I have 9 years of experience in trading stocks on a full-time basis and I wish I would have had this course when I started. It would have sped up my learning curve dramatically. I would highly recommend this course to not only the beginning trader, but to the more experienced trader as well.”

Sean Patton

Rochester, NY

“I just wanted to send a note thanking you for all the great trading ideas that I have benefited from in the last 6 months. I have never had so many explosive, positive stock trades. Your system is a great way for anyone to make money in the market without a buy and hold strategy."

Linda Paolicci

Annapolis, Maryland

"I did not learn about this one until just recently … had I known about it 2 years ago, my account size would be many times what it is today! And I could have saved hundreds & hundreds of dollars spent on so-so courses & often worthless seminars. But that's ok, my account is growing faster than ever now :-)"

Victor Escobar

Calgary, Alberta-Canada

"Most momentum systems jump in after a strong move, but BEW measures its entry trying to catch stocks at lower prices, tilting the risk/reward potential in the trader’s favour. The potential seems great, and I look forward to following your work in the coming weeks and months."

Dave Gotthardt

"...He takes a long-term approach to the analysis of stock charts, often including more than a year of performance data to determine the quality and expected performance of an individual stock. And, by doing so, he’s identified repeatedly those rare instances where the gains ultimately exceed 50% or 100% within weeks and, at times, days."

Mark Moline

Park Ridge, Illinois

"...However, the material was non-technical and even a novice investor would feel just as at home with your course as a seasoned veteran. This last point is important, as too many investment and trading methodologies are highly technical. After a couple of hours with the material it seems almost like a light bulb went on and I said to myself, "duh, how did I not see this before?”

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