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What You'll Learn In This Training...

  • Breakdown Of The 3-Criteria That Creates Fertile Breeding Grounds For High-Tension Price Squeezes
  • How To Filter News Sources For The Best SWPO Prospects
  • Once You Get In The Groove-This Training Will Show You How Small $100-$300 Option Trades Can Seed 'Trade Silos That Can Exponentially Increase Your Trading Account In The Course Of A Year
  • The Training Will Also Show You How To Trade Smart And Not Fritter Away Trading Capital Via Unwise Trade Allocation
  • We'll Delve Into Real Money Trades, So That You Can See The Potential For This Unique Style Of Option Trading
  • How To Exploit Black Scholes Option Pricing Model By Understanding 'Vector' In The Stock Option Selection Process
  • A Breakdown Of Some Of The Top 2023 SWPO Trades Including Stocks Like CVNA Which Had Its Options Soar 4500% In Just A Few Days
  • The Key Cycle Criteria You’ll Need To Know To Spot Price Squeeze Opportunities Most Traders Don’t Even Know Exist
  • Once You Are In A Trade, We’ll Show You How To Scale Out Using Cycle Adaptive Trend Lines Along With The Right Technical Indicators To Max Out 95% Of A Stock’s Trend (This Knowledge Alone Is Worth Its Weight In Gold)
  • Proper Trade Allocation So That You Don’t Run Out Of Bullets
  • How To Combine Multi Time Frame Price Action Analysis To Spot Hidden Price Squeezes Not Easily Noticed By The General Trading Community.
  • Complete Breakdown Of The SWPO Trade Mechanics Including Hyper-Tight Entry And Exit Strategies
  • In Essence....A Stealthy, Sniper Approach To Trading!!

Stuck In A Trading Rut!?...

3-Aspects That Will Up Your Trading Game

It's Actually Simpler Than It Sounds. Our 3-Step Process To Uncovering Cream Of The Crop High-Tension Stocks Can Be Learned In Hours And Provide A Lifetime Of Superior Stock Selection

The Right Stocks

Stocks That Buck An Overall Market Are The Gems That You'll Learn How To Spot Like A Big Game Hunter!!

The Right Timing

Cycle-Based Trade Analysis Is Cutting Edge...The Hidden Cycles Revealed In This Training Will Show You How To Stop Trading Blind!!

Pattern Quality

A Stock's Historical Price Action Is A Powerful Communicator Of It's Upcoming Potential...Learn To Read It's 'DNA' Based On Its Prior Trading History

Are you leaving money on the table because of myopic or inferior trade selection?

Mediocre trades your thing!?

Let's Put That Behind You!

  • You'll Learn How To Spot Superior 'Price Squeezes'
  • Low-Risk Low-Priced Trades To Build Your Confidence

Become A Trading Ninja

Here's How....

Here is how a cycle-based approach to trading can give you an edge...

Stealth Trade Entries

Our style of cycle trading brings in multiple time frames and only the most astute traders are seeing what we are seeing on higher time frames, this results in:

  • Cheaper option prices before the 'crowd' arrives
  • Cheap options in, BIG options out = Superior back end returns...
  • Use our cycles to identify price squeezes on lower time frames

Low Risk, High Reward

Our approach minimizes risk while maximizing the potential for substantial gains

  • Risk as little as $50-$100 per trade
  • Cost effective option strategies tame the risk of volatile markets
  • Natural Market Risk Mitigation-when fewer stocks meet our criteria, it may be forecasting higher risk and better to be on the sidelines
  • Low implied volatility in turn zones drives option prices down

Laid Back Form Of Trading

No high intensity, white knuckle trading here. These trades generally culminate over the course of 2-6 days...some more...some less

  • NOT a daytrading system
  • Easily spot opportunities by using math to follow the 'smart money' crowd
  • Momentum "Tells" provide all the clues you'll need to latch on to and trade these rockets


.....and that you would share it for any reason speaks to the goodness of your soul - I am very carefully reading and rereading the instruction manuals and the many examples. Brilliant!

Greg Galloway

Cupertino, California

...However, the material was non-technical and even a novice investor would feel just as at home with your course as a seasoned veteran. This last point is important, as too many investment and trading methodologies are highly technical. After a couple of hours with the material it seems almost like a light bulb went on and I said to myself, "duh, how did I not see this before?”

Mark Moline

Park Ridge, Illinois

I have 9 years of experience in trading stocks on a full-time basis and I wish I would have had this course when I started. It would have sped up my learning curve dramatically. I would highly recommend this course to not only the beginning trader, but to the more experienced trader as well.

S. Rosenberg

St. Paul, Minnesota

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