Go beyond the ordinary trading..

At the Big Kahuna Trading Club, we are proud of our record for thinking 'outside the box' with unique trading strategies to elevate your trading results to an otherwordly level...Our cycle based trading, literally decades in the making is now available for daytrading and short-term swing trading the indexes SPY, QQQ, ES, & NQ emini futures

Riding the intraday Cycles: Hidden to many

...but not to Big Kahuna Wavetraders

Getting an edge as a daytrader, can take hundreds of hours of study. This training will cut your learning curve down tremendously and get you up to speed and making money in weeks, not months or years like other trading systems. Let our tens of thousands of hours of research invested over

decades save you countless hours of backtesting on your own.

Trading SPY & The QQQ's

Here is some of what is covered in the training:

  • How Ichimoku Cloud used with the proper time frames and indicator settings can keep you on the right side of the trend for WEEKS
  • How using conventional indicators in unconventional ways can give you unconventional results
  • Powerful, proprietary technical analysis tools designed for laser entries and exits
  • How 'cluster analysis' can give you 70-80% winning trades (or small losses when you are wrong) when used correctly

Trading ES & NQ emini's

Trade futures along with SPY & QQQ's

  • What are Green Zones & Why They Are Important
  • Sequential Analysis of Multiple Time Frame Entries..Drill down from bigger time frames to capture bigger turns
  • The small handful of key technical indicators that really matter with intraday trading
  • Powerful, proprietary technical analysis tools designed for laser entries and exits
  • Which higher time frame gives prime trade entries AND easy visual clues when combined with TSS Cycles
  • What are 'I-Bars' and how they can 'turn down the noise'

How Big Kahuna Wave Trading Can Give You An Edge like no other

We won't leave you hanging:

  • We'll guide you in the proper chart setup
  • You'll have our EXACT indicator Settings
  • You'll be able to contact us if you have any questions about the training

Don't Be An 'Indicator Snob,' Even If They Have Not Worked Well For You In The Past. Our Years of Research Led Us To 'Leading Indicators' That Are A Game-Changer For Daytrading

ATR Channels

This is one of the indicators that we use in an unconventional way. Used correctly it can 'un-muddy' the 'fog of war' that often goes along with intra-day trading in volatile markets

Fibonacci Retrace (Channels)

Fibonacci Retrace is good when used in conventional fashion. It is GREAT when used in an unconventional fashion. This training will show you how to use this for being alerted to upcoming trend shifts before they occur.

TSS Cycles

CAT-3 TSS Cycles are at the core of much of the trading we do. Once you find "CH-3" you are generally within 5'-15' of a turn zone. This sounds complicated right now but easy to understand when you learn our TSS Channel strategy.

Williams %R

This indicator is one of the recent additions to our arsenal and if you don't use it in a vacuum AND you combine it with other indicators you can avoid a plethora of unnecessary headfakes.

Commodity Channel Index (CCI)

After years of toying with this particular indicator, we came up with a setting that just knocked our socks off. This indicator setting gave us four CCI levels that when combined with our TSS Channels allow us to spot trade entry opportunities within 1-2 bars of the exact turn on the one minute and thirty second time frames << Super-Tight

Secret Indicator (BHL)

This is one of those indicators (it's not really an indicator per se) that is hidden in plain site and once you see the simplicity in it, it will be one of those "ah-ha" moments. This particular strategy we had ignored for years because it seemed too simple. Only when we began to formulate our TSS Channel concept did this all come together.

Ready to take your trading to a New Level!?