Down...But Not Defeated (Yet)?

Ready To Break Out of the

Futures Trading Rut?

We get it - this sh!ts not easy.

Spend enough time in the futures trading trenches and you'll quickly discover that average trading strategies get you average trading results (or worse).

We took a different approach.

We spent literally decades dissecting the price action in not only the stock market but in the futures and Forex markets too.

We offer powerful trading strategies to finally break out of the trading morass and begin to attain your trading goals.

Scared Money will become a thing in the past once you understand even the most volatile markets can be tamed when you finally have the right trading strategies.

Escape the realm of mediocrity with our game-changing trading strategies. Say goodbye to average results and embrace the extraordinary. Fear not the volatile markets, for we unveil the secrets to mastering their every move. Bid farewell to Scared Money as our strategies empower you to rewrite your trading narrative and leave financial struggles in the past. The magic begins when you trade smarter, not harder. Your journey to trading mastery starts here.

And The Solution Is...

Drum roll please...the mind is a powerful computer so the key is to work with your mind instead of against it...sounds simple right?

It is an amazing 'tool' designed to protect you...when it feels unsafe and threatened it will often sabotage your results.

Mediocre trading systems and strategies will have you in constant "fight or flight' mode to protect you from the next trading loss.

Breaking free from the shackles of fear is as simple as taking a holistic approach to trade entry and trade management by using not only our powerful trading strategies but a trading robot to manage the trade entries for you.

But Let's Be Clear...This Is NOT A Mind Training System...We Remove The Obstacles Your Mind Places On Your Trading Performance By Taking Your Understanding Of The Technicals Driving Price Action To A Whole New Level! When Your Confidence Levels In Your System Soars-So Will Your Results!

We'll help you learn to dissect price action using previously unknown TSS Cycles.

We'll give you powerful indicators with even more powerful settings developed over decades trading the markets-these indicators will often get you into a trade within 1-3 bars of a price extreme EVEN ON MUCH SMALLER TIME FRAMES.

Turning down the noise is the key to success with any trading system. With this system, you'll learn how to identify a 'CH-3' zone which will often give you a 5' to 15' warning that a trend reversal is looming

You'll be given access to a trading robot that will manage your trade entry and allow you to trade much smaller time frames minimizing your risk and maximizing your gains

How To Identify Price Extremes With The Right Technicals

Our cycle adaptive trend line system (CAT-Lines AKA as 'Lemal Lines') or TSS Cycles can take your understanding of price action to a whole new level. Where some see randomness, we see possibilities. Possibilities driven by hidden cycles. Once you uncover these cycles, you'll never want to trade the same way again. It'll be just like a pilot who now has night vision. You'll feel a sense of empowerment you never had with your trading before.

If You Are Committed To Mastering Futures Trading

Sometimes You Have To Move Outside Of The Box!!

"Obstacles Are Put In Your Way To See If What You Want Is Really Worth Fighting For" -Zig Ziglar

We Are Committed To Helping You Change Your Trading Destiny...So That You'll Never Be At The Whim of Market Forces Again...We Are Now Offering A Futures Trading Course Bundle-Designed To Drastically Cut Down On The Time It Takes To Achieve Futures Trading Mastery!!

Scared Money Futures Trading Course

12-Powerful videos covering topics like: Lead Signals, trade entry and exit strategies, the right technical indicators & settings, how to read cycle-based charts and so much more

($997 Value)

CAT-3 Trader Course

The CAT-3 Trader Course sets the groundwork for much of what we will cover in the Scared Money Course. You are encouraged to go through this course first so that what you will learn in the Scared Money Course will sink in FAST! Learn More HERE

($997 Value)

Trade Entry Robot

Our Trading Robot is designed to cut the risk wayyy down on the riskiest part of the trade - the entry. With this robot and our settings, your confidence will soar when you realize the power of precision trade entries combined with quick-to-breakeven trades.

($500 Value)

2-Hours One-On-One Coaching

To get you up to speed fast, you'll receive two hours of one on one coaching via zoom. Not only will you have powerful video training, but live feedback to questions you have about the training.

You'll get to see on live price charts how this price action unfolds and the powerful concepts we developed to give you your own 'trader's night vision.

($500 Value)

90-Days FREE Access To Our Big Kahuna

Futures Trading Channel

Join a like-minded group of fellow traders just like you to bounce ideas off of and learn from. Our Big Kahuna Trading Club (Trading Lab) will help aid you in thoroughly learning our system while at the same time learning to tweak trading strategies based on the current market conditions and volatility.

($297 Value)

$3291 Total Course Bundle Value

>> Get The Entire Scared Money Course Bundle <<

for Just $2500 Today! (See Below For Special

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Become Part of the Success Stories from Our Clients!

"Upon receiving the course material I was immediately taken by the depth and precision of your analysis. However, the material was non-technical and even a novice investor would feel just as at home with your course as a seasoned veteran. This last point is important, as too many investment and trading methodologies are highly technical. After a couple of hours with the material it seems almost like a light bulb went on and I said to myself, "duh, how did I not see this before?”

- Mark Moline

"I have been trading for 13 plus years and consider myself well versed in trading. "The Elite Wavetrader" course has taught me many new techniques that have made me lots of money. The insights about stock behavior that Paul Lemal provides through his extensive research on stock patterns are nothing short of amazing. Outstanding stuff!."

- Barton Frets

"I told my husband I haven't been this enthusiastic in my 20 years of trading/investing. I have found the Elite Wavetrader course to be an extremely innovative and straight-forward approach to trading. Given the challenging market environment, I find being better equipped to identify stock formations just prior to explosive moves to be invaluable. I'm very excited about the entire package!."

- Elaine Snyder

Special Introductory Beta-Pricing-For A Limited Time!

Since we have just recently added this training to our Trading Club, we are offering a special deal to an initial group of beta-testers with a $1000 discount off of our $2500 course bundle. To get this VERY limited pricing offer of $1500 and to get more information on this opportunity click on the link below to schedule a fifteen minute phone call with our team

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