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"TSS Cycles Will Give You An Unseen Advantage Over Other Traders Unfamiliar With When, Where, How & Why These Cycles Form!"

-Paul Lemal

Author Surfer's Guide to Stock Investing

We help all levels of traders...

Beginner, Advanced or anything in between...

Our unique approach to price action analysis will give you a 'fresh edge' that you never knew you needed. Our coaching on the right way to draw trend lines (cycle-based) is so simple you'll wonder why you never heard of it before!

Meet your instructor

I'm Paul Lemal, I help traders take their trading to the next level

I have over 30-years experience researching and trading the markets. I can help you cut up to 90% off of the learning curve (the stuff that really matters) and give you a new angle on price action analysis that is cutting edge & outside the box.

Although I have spent decades reverse engineering and studying big winning stocks, due to the ever evolving volatility in the equities markets, I spent the past several years bringing those years of research over to short-term futures and stock index trading.

Even if you already have significant experience trading, I am confident that I can help you take your trading to the next level. Whether you are a swing trader, day trader or even a long-term position trader, what I learned over tens of thousands of hours in the markets I can show you in just a few hours.

Book a 15-minute no obligation call with me and let's discuss how I can help you up your trading game and add a valuable (and necessary) tool to your trading toolkit.

I am looking for talent...

This is the first time I have offered 1-on-1 coaching on our unique cycle-based trading in over a decade and I am doing so only for a limited time. I am hoping that once you experience our approach to technical and price action analysis you'll consider becoming integrally involved in our trading club. I want to build a world-class trading club and in order to do so...I need talented people around me...could you be one of those!?

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We offer a discounted coaching rate for members of our Big Kahuna Trading Club 50% Off

$250 Per Hour


Coaching Package

If you prefer to spread out the coaching over a few months and build on each month, we offer special pricing on 3-months of coaching:

6 Hours of Coaching At 2 Hours Per Month


Non-Member Hourly

$500 Per Hour

If you are interested in a coaching session please pick a date and time below for a 15-minute call with our team to go over the coaching details and what will be covered in the 1-on-1 training


Coming Fall of 2024

Become a certified instructor and TSS Cycle trainer

Not only can you use the skills you gain with our coaching program for your own trading, but you'll also be in a position to train others in TSS Cycle trading as a paid instructor.

Fibonacci, Elliot Wave or even Gann Cycles have nothing on us. The power and simplicity in mastering drawing cycle based trend lines allows for a level of clarity that is not easy to find in the markets.

Stay tuned and to be notified when we will open this up. Leave your contact information at the link below so t:

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