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Hi, I’m Paul!

I’m a former real estate investor from near Pittsburgh (a small town in northern West Virgina) and currently live in the southwest. I began stock investing when I developed health problems that made real estate investing difficult at the time.

This was a few decades ago and after a few years of frustration with hit and miss stock trading, I began to reverse-engineer stocks to see if I could find an edge that reading books just wasn’t giving me.

This multi-year study of high performing stocks gave me the ability to spot explosive trading opportunities using cycles I discovered that I shared with friends and developed a reputation for finding hot stock after hot stock.

These explosive trades allowed me to 20-X my own trading account at the peak in just one year. I have a passion for sharing the strategies I have learned with other traders and getting this powerful new form of stock trading out there.

Come join me in the Bellows Effect training and learn how it can help take your own trading to a new level!


What Is Covered In The Training:

Get access to everything included below for just $59 (Save 40% Off Of The Original price: $99)

  • Anatomy of A Super-Cycle
  • Bellows Effect-How Price Squeezes Originate
  • BMI & Vector-Every Trader's Tool Kit Needs These!
  • The 6-Month Gestation Rule
  • Why Stealth Trading Is Your Road to Riches
  • Breakdown Of Top Momentum Stocks Cycles
  • The PBC Zone-One Of My Top Trade Setups
  • How to Properly Draw Cycle-Based Trend Lines
  • Key Price Zones To Catch The Hottest Stocks
  • Attention Windows ('Cause & Effect' With A Twist)
  • Intro to Price Action Analysis
  • Building Monster Stock Holding Ponds


I just wanted to send a note thanking you for all the great trading ideas that I have benefited from in the last 6 months. I have never had so many explosive, positive stock trades. Your system is a great way for anyone to make money in the market without a buy and hold strategy. With trades like ERS I was able to capture an explosive short-term move and liquidate at the right time. Thanks again.

Sean Patton

Rochester, NY

There is little new in technical analysis and many courses and e-books just repackage each other. The BEW system was extremely clear in presenting material with numerous videos and chart examples re-enforcing all the concepts. This material will be the foundation for my future stock trading and is a must have.

Tim Sparlin

Fremont, California

I did not learn about this one until just recently, had I known about it 2 years ago, my account size would be many times what it is today! And I could have saved hundreds & hundreds of dollars spent on so-so courses & often worthless seminars, but that's ok, my account is growing faster than ever now :-).

Linda Paolicci

Annapolis, Maryland

I have 9 years of experience in trading stocks on a full-time basis and I wish I would have had this course when I started. It would have sped up my learning curve dramatically. I would highly recommend this course to not only the beginning trader, but to the more experienced trader as well.

S. Rosenberger

St. Paul, Minnesota

The BEW system is very thorough and comprehensive. You obviously did a huge amount of research in putting this course together—the video training definitely enhances the total package. I think the training should be re-named "The Definitive Guide To Momentum Trading".

Alan Craig

Maple Shade, New Jersey

I told my husband I haven't been this enthusiastic in my 20 years of trading/investing. I have found the BEW course to be an extremely innovative and straightforward approach to trading. Given the challenging market environment, I find being better equipped to identify stock formations just prior to explosive moves to be invaluable. I'm very excited about the entire package!

Elaine Snyder

Oceanside, California


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#1 Paralysis of Analysis Report

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Fear and uncertainty got you second guessing your trading? The Paralysis of Analysis report is designed to get you dealing with your trading 'demons' and get off the sidelines!

#2 Our Top 3 Bellows Effect Stock Scans

$99 Value Free!

Although there are a plethora of scans available for Price Squeeze trading, we picked our three favorites that are sure to put you 'in the hunt' for the best stock trading prospects.

#3 Monster Stock Finder Template

$49 Value Free!

Monster Stocks are easy to find once you know what you are looking for. This template will help you keep the system organized and the best trade prospects in the forefront.


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  • Audio format for courses
  • Online events with experts
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In case you're wondering

Am I locked into a subscription?

The Bellows Effect course is a one-time fee, there is no ongoing subscription for it.

What type of trading does this work on?

Although the cycles we discovered can be used to trade any type of equity, futures, Forex or index, this particular training is just for trading stocks. .

How long does this 40% discount last?

The 40% discount is a limited time offer and will disappear 12 hours after you visit the page. It will then revert back to the original $99 price.

Do I need other tools?

You'll need a basic charting platform. The one we recommend and the one the bonus stock scans were built for is the TC-2000 platform (https://www.tc2000.com/). The basic scans can be adapted for other platforms (ChatGPT can be helpful with this).

How long will it take before I get rich?

Lol...you are getting a little ahead of yourself. Your first goal as a trader should be to learn how to properly manage risk (proper trade allocation and proper trade management). Once you understand that and have systematized your approach to the markets, then you can start swinging for the fences.

Who else is teaching about Bellows Effect stocks?

Nobody is teaching about price squeeze stocks in the manner we are. How do we know!? Because we invented the system behind it. Our discovery of TSS Cycles occurred in the early 2000's and our other key tools behind our Bellows Effect Price Squeeze Formula: BMI (Breakout Momentum Indicator) and VR (Vector) followed shortly behind it.

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